The Cubicle Manifesto
Welcome to THE CUBICLE. The desk space you occupy for hours on end. Where creativity is dead and stress levels are high. Where you feel guilty for leaving, but reluctant to arrive. Where you eat lunch, plan, strategize and phone home to say how late you'll be tonight. Is this the place you'd really like to be? Is there a better way to work?
Stressed office worker Mayukh can't believe his misfortune when his computer gets infected by a virus. With enough work on his plate to last a lifetime, he can do without computer malfunctions. However, the virus seems to have its own agenda and it soon starts a revolution that will change how Mayukh works forever. The Cubicle Manifesto is a business parable for the modern age that will transform the way you work. Essential reading for anyone who wants to reduce stress and achieve better work-life balance. Read this book and join the revolution. 
Brand Management 101
Discarding elaborate theories, models and jargon for common sense and street-smart advice, Brand Management 101 offers a refreshing new look into the world of Marketing based on
lessons learnt in the real world. Whether you're a Marketer, a student or someone with an interest in the subject, you won't think of Marketing quite the same way again after reading Brand Management 101!
101 Lessons from real world Marketing-
- What developing great TV advertising and dating have in common.
- Why shopping is like speed dating.
- What dealing with a burglar in your home can teach you about defending against competition.
- What Greek mythology can teach you about pricing decisions.
- The Ps of Marketing no textbook teaches you about.
And much more…​
Around the world...
"I have now joined the revolution that is this book"
- Deskdemon UK
"Thoroughly enjoyable, gives an amazing message in the simplest and beautiful way possible"
- Journal of a Bookworm
“A charming story”
- The National (UAE)
'This is one book that must be read by everyone who is in what was disparagingly called the rat race...Taking even half the steps suggested in the book could not only end the monotony of human existence but also make life both in office and home so much happier and healthier.'
- Sahara Times
"Useful guidelines for brand builders in the form of 101 lessons from a field tested pro. Easy to read. Anyone working on brands can't help but find tips they can use."
- David Aaker
"Never have lessons been so pleasant and easy to understand. After finishing Mainak Dhar's 101 lessons you'll be ready for any marketing exercise. This author has had hands-on experience and it shows clearly over these pages. Pay attention in this teacher's class!"  
- Allein Moore, Editor, AdAsia
"A beautiful book about marketing. If you like advertising and marketing, this is an excellent book for you. On a par with David Ogilvy's at their best."
"Written in a conversational style and using simple analogies from day-to-day life, it makes marketing more accessible ."
- Singapore Institute of Management
"Just as we thought everything that could possibly be said about marketing management has been put down on paper, marketing expert Mainak Dhar comes out with a new book, Brand Management 101: 101 Lessons From Real-World Marketing, to prove us wrong....Dhar discards elaborate theories, models and jargon, and speaks as if he were a personal coach. "
- Jocelyn Lau, China Daily
"..offers splendid reading pleasure by blending these tips with his practical experiences and highlighting his strengths as well as weaknesses that he learnt about."
- Nayanima Basu, Indo Asian News Service