The Funda of Mix-ology
I had spent almost thirty years on this planet, and had little to show for it. My days were filled with long work hours, stress and looked like the caricature of a Dilbert cartoon. My dream of becoming a writer never seemed to get off the ground, and all I had by way of a personal life was getting wasted with friends. I found himself wondering whether there was any point to life beyond scampering from one rat race to another 
All that changed one week.
A week when I almost lost my job, almost got killed and learnt that the solution to all my problems lay in answering one simple question- what does leading a more fulfilling life have in common with making the perfect glass of Long Island Ice Tea?
Face in the Mirror
Face in the Mirror is a collection of twenty-five poems of reflection and introspection. A lot of poetry is designed to express one's reactions and emotions towards the world outside—essentially presenting the poet's perspective on what is happening around him. Face in the Mirror reverses that process—it is a look deep inside, into one's own psyche. The poems are all intensely personal, but deal with themes and emotions that are truly universal. In an age where so much of our validation seems to depend on things and people external to us, the poems in this collection force a deep look within ourselves and the choices we make.
"Watch a young man travel from the acme of corporatedom to the brink of death and realise that the secret to a fulfilling life lies in the art of making a great cocktail. Calls for a drink, eh?"
- The Times of India
"A heady cocktail for Gen X....written in lucid prose and addresses the dilemmas and crises faced by the young people. "
- Sahara Times
"If you happen to pick up Mainak Dhar's The Funda of Mix-ology you will learn that degrees and pay packets alone don't make life complete. You need to mix all the ingredients and mix them right."
- The Pioneer
"I could not fathom what mixing, stirring or shaking a bunch of high-calorie, addictive liqueurs could have to do with life. So I plunged in, albeit with a straw in hand in case I had to surface for air or, gasp, my sanity. What I was in for, however, was a pleasant surprise...it is an extremely easy read. And like all good books of this genre, there is a moral at the end —one that the author does not try to stuff down our throats. It’s up to us whether we want to accept what he says: that life is like a glass of Long Island Ice Tea – to enjoy it, you have to mix it up. I for one plan to give it a shot. Bottoms up! "
- Sify.com
"Among the novels creating a buzz on campus!"
- Times of India