What happens when fate chooses an ordinary man for an extraordinary mission?
Arnab Banerjee, a shy twenty-five-year-old, has little excitement in his life other than tracking down missing books as an assistant librarian in a Delhi college. But all that changes when one day he is beaten up during a bank robbery. He awakens to discover that he has developed superhuman powers, which he hones with the help of Khan chacha, an ex-army man. And so begins his crusade against eve-teasers, corrupt policemen, and scheming politicians. But in his final adventure to thwart a deadly terror attack, Delhi’s ‘Guardian Angel’ is forced to join hands with the very men he has fought against: the minister who wants to use him to rig elections, the policemen who tried to kill him in an ‘encounter’, and the liquor baron who invited him to become his brand ambassador. Will he succeed in his mission and still preserve his ideals?​
Line of Control
It is 2012, and the world is a more dangerous place than ever before. Revolutions have swept aside one Middle Eastern regime after another. A regime allied to Al Qaeda has swept to power in Saudi Arabia, and uses its oil wealth and modern arsenal to further spread Jihad around the world. Yet another military coup brings a fundamentalist regime to power in Pakistan, which initiates an audacious plan to strike the first blow in this new global Jihad. As unprecedented terror attacks stun India, the stage is set for a conflict that brings the Indian subcontinent to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse. With a broad cast of characters that puts the reader into the thick of the unfolding crisis, a fast-paced storyline ripped from today's headlines, and explosive action, Line of Control is a thriller uniquely suited to the times we live in.
Legends have it that Gods flew in aircraft called vimanas and waged war with fantastic weapons. What if these turned out to be true? College student by day and wannabe fighter pilot by night, Aaditya’s immense knowledge of flying and fighter planes is displayed only on flight sims and Internet forums.
A chance encounter propels him into the centre of an ancient conflict between good and evil that has been raging for thousands of years, revealing to him a hidden world that we dismiss as mere myths from our ancient past. Alongside Shiva, Karthik, Durga, Indra and other gods, Aaditya has to stop the terrible plans of Kalki, the prodigal son. Seated at the controls of a vimana, Aaditya finds himself living his dream in a way he had never imagined possible!
What if India had never been conquered by the British? What if it remained a mighty and prosperous nation under the rule of the Mughal Empire? A nation known as Hindustaan.
Dilli, 1857. The Mughal Empire is at the peak of its power and is gearing up to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of its victory over the British, an occasion where the popular Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar is widely expected to announce his successor. The Empire is thrown into sudden chaos when the Emperor is assassinated and a new regime seizes power in a bloody coup. 
In this maelstrom, three unlikely companions find themselves thrown together by fate. Ranveer, a young officer in the elite Mughal cavalry, who is now hunted by the very Empire he served; Theo, a rakish English traveller with a mysterious past and Maya, a beautiful and spirited Princess they rescue. Together, they embark on a series of dramatic adventures across Hindustaan. A journey that takes them from bloody skirmishes with Afghan raiders, rescue missions in remote forts, joining a coalition of rulers who band together against the new despotic regime to protect their independence, and finally back into the heart of Dilli for a dramatic mission.
The stage is set for a monumental struggle that will decide not just their fate, but that of the whole of Hindustaan.
A Little Mayhem
According to official records, a girl is raped in India every twenty-two minutes. Unofficial estimates put it at more like one every five minutes. That was just a statistic to me. Until they raped and killed my little sister. The police don’t want to pursue the case the media blame her and the men who killed her walk free. It's time men like them learn that they can no longer get away with it. It's time they learn the meaning of fear. It's time they learn that a woman need not just beg and plead for her dignity she can fight and kill for it. I am just an ordinary woman but sometimes all it takes to get the ball rolling is for one person to create a little mayhem
"Strikes a chord somewhere, chronicling his journey from a nobody into a somebody and this theme for a dream - to dream big, rather - is what makes it endearing."
- IBN Live
"The plot, thereafter, is engaging, and wholesome Bollywood film material. Herogiri ends on a high note, the action sequence is exciting."
- Hindustan Times
"A delightful take on the superhero genre."
- LiveMint
"Excellent, Herogiri also has a surprisingly refreshing take on politics and society. Arnab 'GA' Bannerjee is the unpretentious hero you want by your side.... The most super man ever, this affable, retiring 25-year old is possibly the most likeable of all characters you shall meet this summer."
Financial Express
Here's a delightfully engaging take on the superhero genre...Racy roller coaster"
- Mid Day
- Tehelka Magazine
"An outstanding book. Better than Tom Clancy. "
- Air Commodore Jasjeet Singh (Retd.)
"Captures very well the cut and thrust of combat. A thrilling read."
- General V.N Sharma, Former Chief of Army Staff
"A scenario that seems possible yet apocalyptic."
- The Hindustan Times
"Other than being a great plot, the author seems know how weapons work, which is a great relief to the readers and spices up the novel." 
- Frontier India
"By placing readers in the thick of action, similar to the circumstances that we find ourselves in today, Dhar has actually managed to find a connect that cannot be missed easily."
- HT City
"A page-turner right the word 'go', this racy war-thriller is exciting, to say the least, as the reader is drawn deep into the action of war. "
- Deccan Herald
"The spine-chilling war scenario entertains, by all means, with skilful plot, well-drawn variety of characters, thrilling action, a high degree of intrigue, suspense and tension, grim humour." 
- The Tribune
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